What Is CrossFit

The most common question that we get asked is ‘What is CrossFit’?

Basically, CrossFit is a a high-intensity fitness programme. It focuses on fundamental movements that we as humans are programmed to do everyday – pulling, jumping, lifting, squatting, running & more!

While workouts can be programmed to be challenging for even the most advanced athlete, every workout can also be scaled back to accommodate the beginners in class. This is what makes us unique!

Every person in every class will be able to complete a workout each day regardless of fitness level, age, weight or experience. Each movement will be adjusted to your own personal level of ability and then we steadily progress over time, achieving your goals.

A constantly varied class plan means that you will never get bored because the workout each day is different! This is a great way to keep workouts exciting!

We here at CrossFit Cú Chulainn pride ourselves on providing a high quality service & facility to our members while also striving to create a supportive & friendly atmosphere in every class. Check out what our members say about their CrossFit journey with us so far on our testimonials page & in the videos below!

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Check out this official CrossFit video too!